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"Link Goose" significantly reduces your time and effort required to build links.

"Link Goose" can also be used to maximize the success of your sales and marketing campaigns.

Link Goose :: Website Promotion ToolEasy to Use Free Reports Link Monitoring Unlimited Users Extremely Affordable Follow-up Reminders Import or Export Data Create Email Templates Mail Merge Easily Update Your Data Cost Per Link Reports Export Data for Mail Merge 404 Errors Do Not Contact List Free Performance Tests Spy on Your Competitors Work Smarter, Not Harder Task Manager Progress Reports Reduce Your Costs

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"Link Goose" helps manage the people you contact when promoting your website, products or services.

"Link Goose" will increase your speed and efficiency.

Adding contacts is both easy and fast.

"Link Goose" then helps to manage your contacts to maximize your level of success.

With more than 30 features, reports, insights and tools, you are guaranteed to be pleased.

If you want to link build or do self promotion, then you will benefit from using "Link Goose".

We built "Link Goose" to help us with our link building needs and thought your might like it too.

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Extremely Affordable

Instead of being charged fixed monthly fees, you make payments based upon your own personal usage and budget.

Try for free. Use for free. Then donate if you appreciate this service.

Go ahead and register. You do not need to provide any payment information to join.

Seriously, this is a 100% risk free, hassle free, worry free and smiles for free opportunity

"Link Goose" works based on the honor system.

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Sales and Marketing

In addition to link building, "Link Goose" can also be used for sales and marketing.

Organize and manage your sales and marketing campaigns using "Link Goose".

Promote your services, products and/or skills to other websites.

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Task Manager

Your database can easily talk to the "Link Goose" database in real time.

This allows you to effectively manage which worker does which job.

You can then better plan and prioritize your tasks.

"Task Manager" can be used when adding links or when sending emails.

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Progress Reports

Progress reports can be viewed online or you can easily export them.

Progress reports are available in real time.

View the progress of a campaign, worker, etc.

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No Ads

"Link Goose" is about increasing your efficiency.

Ads make everything slower. It's for this reason that "Link Goose" shows no ads.

"Link Goose" only gets revenue from your donations.

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"Link Goose" is fast!

No Javascript. No Google Analytics. No ads.

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Link Monitoring

Every 3 months we will check your links and gather intelligence for you.

Simple pricing.


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404 Errors

Every 3 months we will check your links for 404 errors.

Simple pricing.


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Although "Link Goose" is easy to use, if you need assistance, we will help you.

Simple pricing.


Support provided by email or messenger.

Support only available in English.

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